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It's all in the Composition

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Giving Hope One Bean at a Time.

Just like each “One” note is very important in a symphony, at Harmonies Brew “One” is a very large number. From “One” coffee bean, it  becomes apart of a blend that makes “One” smooth bottle of cold brew or “One” bag of coffee. Then “One” individual would come to buy that “One” bottle or bag in which for each “One” purchase will give a donation to help “One” child that has an interest in the performing arts.  Our goal is to give equal access to the performing arts to all youth regardless of income status and to help create scholarships for those youth to attend colleges for the performing arts by just starting with “ONE”.


Pour-over Coffee Drip

Our single cup of single serve coffee drip is very convenient to have whether you are at home, at the office, camping, on a road trip, in college, for hospitality, or on the go. Each pouch consists of fresh roasted organic ground coffee that is sealed immediately to keep the freshness within so that each sip of rich robust flavor of coffee will be savored.

As studies have shown in the past, the Keurig machine can harbor bacteria if not cleansed properly, especially in public places. With our single cup coffee drip, it provides a healthier alternative for a nice strong fresh cup of coffee without the worries bacteria filtering within the cup as well. Our single cup coffee drip blends also give our customers the satisfaction of being able to have very fresh cup of coffee by opening the package, attach the filter flap on each side of your mug and add 4 to 6 oz of hot water as desired inside the filter, over the fresh ground coffee beans.

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organic arabica coffee with farmer harvest in farm.harvesting Robusta and arabica  coffee


Great Coffee is like Great Music
  Its all in the Composition

Because of our founder’s passion for the performing arts since a child, and the love of coffee, Harmonies Brew came into fruition in 2014.  The premises of Harmonies Brew was due to our 501c3 nonprofit organization Harmonies of Hope , a performing arts program for youth regardless of income, where a portion of our profits will be donated. We believe in coffee’s ability to inspire genuine optimism and joy, and when paired with the arts is a great way to bring a community together. Our company offers a variety of coffee from around the world that will arouse the deep rich flavors within our coffee. Not only is our focus on giving you a boost from nature, but we also focus on ensuring that we leave your taste buds asking for more.

Triple Blended Coffee Beans


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