Coffee That Gives Hope

Just like each “One” note is very important in a symphony, at Harmonies Brew “One” is a very large number. From “One” coffee bean, it  becomes apart of a blend that makes “One” smooth bottle of cold brew or “One” bag of coffee. Then “One” individual would come to buy that “One” bottle or bag in which for each “One” purchase will give a donation to help “One” child that has an interest in the performing arts through Harmonies of Hope. Our goal is to give equal access to the performing arts  to all youth regardless of income status and to help create scholarships for those youth to attend colleges for the performing arts by just starting with “ONE”.

At Harmonies Brew, we believe that Great Coffee is like Great Music, It's all in the Composition. 


Energy.  Taste.  Convenience.  What more do you need?  Our premium all natural flavored Java shots have your day covered whether you are an early bird or a night owl.


Everything starts somewhere.  Our “somewhere” is with our beans, the classic side of coffee.  Whether you are a #coffee lover or just getting your taste buds in the game, we've got you covered.


Single cup mini drip coffee bag with  an organic blend of our premium beans . Full of flavor, Great for on the go . The only thing needed is hot water.

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