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Founded in 2014, Harmonies Brew is a premium 100% natural coffee company with a passion for the performing arts. Our company offers a variety of coffee creations including, but not limited to, Java Coolers, a Vintage Collection Line, Essence Drinks, Java Shots. At Harmonies Brew, not only is our focus on giving you a boost from nature, we also focus on ensuring that we leave your taste buds asking for more.


To be completely and 100% sure that we were offering you this delicious and energizing opportunity, we tested our products with coffee connoisseurs, non-coffee drinkers, and everybody in between. In doing so, we received continuously positive reviews in regards to taste and our choice of premium flavors. Harmonies Brew started as an artisan company in 2014 to help support our sister 501c3 non-profit Harmonies of Hope. At Harmonies Brew, we believe that "Great Coffee is like Great Music” and that “It is all in the composition.” We have true passion for the arts and believe that all youth should have equal access to learning and performing within their artistic desires.

Harmonies of Hope was created in 2011 as an after-school program to help bring youth, ages 7-18, dreams to life through the performing arts. The program aims to give youth this opportunity regardless of economic status. When creating Harmonies Brew a few years later, we wanted to benefit this cause, so we decided that a percentage of our net profits would go back into supporting the community and Harmonies of Hope. This is how our mission statement came to be: At Harmonies Brew, we want “To make a positive impact within the community, one child, one community, one bean at a time, through delivering quality coffee products.

” Our goals, now, reflect our desires to eventually expand Harmonies Brew LLC. We plan to, first, grow Harmonies of Hope locally and create a stable environment. Once this comes to fruition, we would like to expand both Harmonies Brew and Harmonies of Hope nationally so that youth of all backgrounds and living arrangements will have equal access to the opportunity to practice preforming arts. Soon after, we would like to expand even further to the international landscape, looking to provide both our coffee and good will around the world.

As we continue on our journey to become an international company, we will be able to provide energetic and delicious coffee creations while supporting a cause we believe in. We welcome you to keep up with us and stay informed. After all, it takes more than one person to build an orchestra. Follow us on social media and our blog to keep up with facts as well as the entertaining personalities of our team and coffee. “At Harmonies Brew, we believe that great coffee is like great music, it’s all in the composition.

COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT: To make a positive impact within the community through delivering quality coffee products - one child, one community, one bean at a time.

COMPANY VISION STATEMENT: To become an international coffee company that provides opportunities for youth to participate in the arts through Harmonies of Hope.

Let’s Work Together

11110 W Oakland Park Blvd

Sunrise, FL 33351

Tel: 888-759- 5534

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