The Shots. 

Finally, they're here.  We know you've been waiting a long time to experience what being cool feels like.  You get to go to work tomorrow and have everybody ask you what you are drinking.  Look at you go, you trend setter.  

coconut_bottle (004).png


Coconut is for the dreamers.  Those of you that see yourself on the beach at 2pm in Honolulu next to a tastefully shady coconut tree. The ones who sit at work at their computers thinking "go to your happy place".  Well, fellow beach goer, you've reached it.  Welcome home.  

amaretto_bottle (004).png


Next time you are up late looking up the "best hipster baby names" on google, you may need this one.  Amaretto is for those who dare to be different.  Those who want some flare in the monotony of their day job.  Amaretto drinker, this one is probably more hipster than you.  Better drink up.  

choco_bottle (003).png

Chocolate Parfeit

This one goes in your desk drawer with all the rest of that chocolatey goodness.  Go ahead, indulge a little.  You deserve it. All that hard work you are about to put into your day has to be rewarded.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click "buy now".